Different Kinds of Portable Water Ionizers

here are 3 fundamental types of mobile water ionizers:

  • Drops/drop ins
  • Sticks
  • Bottles


While they are practical – they can  be lugged in a pocket or handbag – most will generally have limits for just how much of the item ought to be made use of in a 24-hour duration. Additionally, these items supply no filtering – they are merely bring in to/altering the water – whether it’s filteringed system or otherwise. If you desire “tidy” alkaline water you’ll need to bring in beginning with water that has actually been filteringed system or acquisition mineral water.

These are declines, tablet computers or powders that could be “went down right into” or contributed to water. They usually contain minerals in fluid, powder or pressed tablet kind, which connect with the water to raise the pH as well as produce a moderate adverse fee or ORP (oxidation decrease possibility).

The dimension as well as mobility of these tables makes them hassle-free to bring as well as an excellent choice for fast journeys yet you ought to proceed the lasting cost of buying the item in addition to the price of acquiring mineral water if you wish to prevent the pollutants located in routine faucet water. Ultimately, there should not be a restriction on the amount of of an organic material you could eat in a day. Directly, I attempt to stay clear of making use of items with any type of kind of “do not surpass this much use in this amount of time” cautions.


Some stick water ionizer solutions additionally need cleansing every few weeks – an additional aggravation. Contribute to this the price of changing the sticks – as well as the expense of purchasing filtered water to utilize with them – as well as these items could not be your most inexpensive alternative.

Just what you do not acquire with these “stick” mobile ionizers is purification. While some decrease chlorine degrees rather, others present to no filtering whatsoever. An additional point you do not obtain is “instantaneous” ionized water. A lot of these tables need to stay touching the water for approximately 15 mins prior to the water comes to be completely “billed.” Bring in among these stick tables to a container of water and afterwards beveraging the container could accelerate the ionizing procedure.

One more prominent selection are “stick” items when could be gone down right into a container of water. These are a little much less practical compared to the drop-in mobile alkalizing tables yet they could likewise be a little a lot more efficient for elevating the ORP of the water.

An additional drawback to this sort of mobile water ionizer choice is upkeep. Numerous of them call for that you keep them covered in water after the initial usage. If you’re on the go, completing your canteen to keep the stick covered could be undesirable. You could wind up bring around 2 containers – one with your ionizing stick as well as the various other with additional water so you could bring in even more to your “stick” container to keep your little ionizer stick covered with water.


The filter in the cap could be changed nevertheless the filter at the end of the Alkapod is integrated in position. It will certainly consistently remain straight there, there’s no chance to transform it.

The H2Go stands simply under 8 inches high, with the tank cap on, and also is simply over 4 1/2 inches vast. Concerning the dimension of a brief thermos as well as quickly concealed in a bigger bag, carry or carry-on bag.

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/xZrIZoQbRpY?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

The filter has media that takes out chlorine, germs as well as various other usual impurities as well as considerably minimizes hefty steels. Various other media inside the filter connects with the minerals in the water to alkalize and also ionized the water as it goes through. You could filter 16 ounces of water in merely over one min.

Of the pitcher-style tables one of the most prominent has actually been the H2Go Portable water ionizer – previously offered as the Waterman Pitcher. When eliminated as well as adored, the cap of the H2Go ends up being a tank that matches into the filter of the table. The tank is loadeded with faucet water and also moves down via the filter right into the bottle.

One more prominent “pitcher-style” mobile water ionizer selection is the IonTech Water Ionizer. A lot better looking as well as a lot more small compared to the H2Go, the Alkapod will certainly alkalize and also ionize your water although screening reveals that the H2Go generates more powerful water. Likewise, Alkapod’s filters are in the cap and also at the end of the device. While it will certainly minimize chlorine, the water contributed to your Alkapod does not travel through a filter.

To utilize the Alkapod you put water right into the container, affix the cap and also shake. In between the anxiety of the beveraging as well as the mineral components in the filters, the water’s pH is elevated and also an unfavorable cost is developed. Filtering takes place as the water can be found in call with the filter media while you are beveraging the water. You could should wait a couple of mins prior to the water is totally asked for.

The greatest perk of pitcher-style mobile water ionizers is their capability to in fact filter the water while likewise alkalizing as well as ionizing. This indicates that you could make use of water from any type of water faucet at any kind of area as well as recognize that typical pollutants are being gotten rid of.

Though they are called bottles, these are not large tables that cannot be lugged about. They are bigger compared to the ionizing stick and also drop-in items yet they are still little adequate to suit a knapsack, bigger handbag or various other carry.

Checking of the Alkapod with pH and also ORP meters has actually revealed that it can transforming faucet water right into alkaline ionized water with a pH of around 9.7 as well as an ORP of as much as -250. This seeks trembling for 60 secs and also waiting an additional 4 or 5 mins.

Examining of the H2Go making use of pH as well as ORP meters has actually revealed pH degrees as high as 10.5 with ORP readings as high as -350. That ORP approaches exactly what you would certainly get out of lower-end water ionizers.


If you’ve acquired a lengthy day of conferences as well as would like to stay with a low-profile container of water, I would certainly choose the alkaline losts. They are available in a tiny container that appears like an over-sized container of eye declines. They’ll suit a brief-case, layer pocket or bag conveniently as well as you could include a couple of decreases to whatever bottled or filtered water is offered.

For prolonged travel or usage at the workplace, I such as the bottle tables. At the office you could leave it on your workdesk over night. When traveling you could filter as long as you wish. If you do not would like to filter “on the move” you could consistently run a number of sets with your bottle as well as move the water to smaller sized, much more mobile canteen.

I’m merely not a follower of the stick tables. Preserving them, trembling them in the water to trigger and also the expense of changing them – plus their absence of purification – they simply look like a great deal of help the price.