How To Achieve More in Business with Self Improvement

It is no coincidence that many of the most accomplished business men and women have been influenced by some kind of self improvement book – usually written by a guru or life coach . That is something that also distinguishes the very successful from others – they actively work to improve their minds and thinking habits. When you observe what you do from a different perspective, it can often help when you have come to a point where you are no longer moving forward. Ask yourself these questions about your business: Am I blocked because I really don’t know business essentials? and what life experiences have I had that would make it easy for me to have a successful business? If you can, examine your behaviors very closely and be as objective as you can. Don’t be surprised if what you need to know was actually there all along, but you just didn’t see it.

Perfectionist behaviors are an expression that some people bring with them to their business pursuits. There are a number of reasons why it exists, but for many it is simply anxiety associated with looking like the job is not done to absolute perfection. But perfectionism in business can lead to various kinds of problems. If your business requires you to make quick decisions, then of course your tendency to make sure everything is perfect could interfere. If you are frequently under tight schedules and deadlines, then once again there could be costly delays. This particular habit is usually not seen as an impediment by many people, even though there are often negative reasons for its existence. Do you ever experience anxiety with others whom you have hired to work for you? But what if you are really trying to use leverage by outsourcing and it is driving you crazy? What about non-work related areas, are those same anxieties present there? If you can resolve this issue, then of course the problems it causes in business will also be taken care of, too. Talk to someone about this, and it may be best to seek professional advice. There are many approaches you can take to learn how to deal with the feelings better – one that you can try is NLP. This is all about solving issues, and that is what we as business people do all the time.

The whole world is full of negative energy in just about every manifestation you can imagine. Bad news sells better than good news, and that is why you only see bad news on the TV and print media, for the most part. What’s more, the very people we spend the most time with – our families, friends, and co-workers, may bombard us with negative points of view. These kinds of comments, whatever they are, most often will be expressing a limit, or restriction, to something. For instance, another form of negativity is the “nay” sayer. This is the person who always is negative about just about everything. It’s better to eliminate these kinds of people from your life and don’t watch the news shows on TV. This is a positive step in the right direction for your mental health and the success of your business.

Your business, and your life, will both reap the rewards when you embark on the path to self-improvement. The reason is simple because many of the issues that affect your business also have the same affect in your personal life. Just make the decision to find a self-improvement program that seems to be a good fit for you and proceed little by little.

Work Through Those IT Blues

If you’re looking for vulnerabilities in your company’s systems to work a security plan out for, network and endpoint security may not be the first place you look. But what with hackers trying to think differently all the time, you do need to get creative. Let’s just look at a few IT security pointers that while simple, do actually work, because these are just different.

Even  IT support consultants in Wales will go and name their administrator accounts Admin.

Either they name them that because that’s the tradition, or they just leave the default value right there. In a world where most people use simple passwords like “QWERTY” or “monkey” (according to the recent Yahoo e-mail password leak), it might surprise you to hear that the experts do practically the same thing as lay people. But there you have it. Many security experts will actually scoff at such advice. They’ll say that  there is no reason to think that they’ll be attacked. Because they are a small company and who cares. That’s just crazy thinking though. A hacker can attack just about any company if he feels there’s a way to get away with something. In fact, making sure that the username is difficult to guess is extremely important – even more important than the password. If a hacker has a username  to work with, there are automated programs that can guess what the password is. It’s very difficult though if you have no idea what the username is either.

You need to start with the username if you’re interested in IT security for your business. You really have to understand that there is no program or method in existence that is able to guess usernames. Every hacking attempt that’s been successful in the history of the world has only used default usernames or usernames that are already known to the hacker. Nobody guesses usernames.

The best IT security experts in the business will always use something called a Honeypot when they try to defend the company’s network. What is a honeypot you ask? It’s an easy target that you set up in a computer network that will easily give itself up when an attempt is made. They set it up so that once it is broken into, right away, it will go and send an alarm to everybody in the business to make sure that they take a look. It’s sort of booby-trap, and it can really work. And finally, make sure that you install everything to a non-custom directory.

It’s the same thing as the username idea. Do things that are not the default choice, and hackers won’t know what to do.