Metal Pipe And Tube Bending

We rely on curved metal beams, pipes, tubes and angles in everything from simple park benches to spiral staircases to parts of modern skyscrapers.

Have you ever wondered how they did it? I mean, how can you bend steel beams and maintain the strength to support the airport roof? Well, there are four ways.

Rolling to bend metal

Rolling is the most famous way to bend metals, maybe because it is the cheapest. Rolling uses a suitable die size that adapts to a steel tube, angle, pipe, channel, beam or steel beam and rotates at the same peripheral speed, rotating in the opposite direction. If you are interested to know more info about the metal pipe via

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When the metal passes through a roll, the machine pressures to bend the pipe or beam to the desired radius.

Winding is effective when materials – metal, plastic, glass, whatever – have to be bent a lot. For example, it can produce bends up to 360 degrees. This method is ideal for producing steel coils, spiral stairs and the like.

Because rolling requires less regulatory work and uses pre-made molds, it costs less than other ways to bend and shape steel, so companies often choose this when it meets their specifications.

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