Solar Fan – Being Cooled By Sunlight

A fantastic solar private fan is equally effective and easy to make. This apparatus has been a 12v cooling system sourced by a desktop computer.

To bring the solar element that the photovoltage mobile was added into the circuit to recharge batteries.

This photovoltage mobile, very ingeniously, was sourced by a solar yard light. If you wanted to know more about ‘Solar Fan’ (Which is also known as ‘พัดลมพลังงานแสงอาทิตย์’ in the Thai language) then you may visit many online resources.

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Preparing the power supply

The Pupils wanted to increase the electricity from the battery pack. The challenge was that rechargeable batteries are usually 1.2V rather than the 1.5V in ordinary alkaline batteries.

Since the battery package was setting out 2.4V rather than 3V the group could not use a 3V to 12V converter. They had to bring back it to some 1.5V to 12V converter, not burn the circuit. The alternative was to wire a 10 Ohm resistor to the circuit, right from this battery pack. The calculation of this immunity was performed with Ohm’s law.

The power supply and associated electronics were put in a little box with the fan connected to the top. The photovoltage mobile was connected with elastic wiring to enable the mobile to be corrected for optimum exposure to mild.

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